Our approach

We welcome new challenges every day so that, through teamwork and generation of ideas, we can offer our clients efficient and up-to-date solutions. This process is not confined to a specific geographical location, and, through entering global markets, we try to better showcase our team capabilities to the world. In this approach, through drawing on our experience and having a solid understanding of the current market, we intend to satisfy our clients’ needs with a logical attitude free from the usual complications and come up with innovative and efficient solutions in the shortest amount of time, with a level of quality matching the order size: a simple and yet satisfactory and effective approach.

Our story

Our story began with a sweet but vexing concern. For years, we believed fresher ideas were wanting in the world of advertising and branding. Quite similar to powerful brands which constantly continue their journey in the marketing process, domestic brands should also have the chance to maintain their growth under professional and honest consultation. The fact that a large portion of brands need to establish effective social networks with their target audience and some of them are in need of improving their current situation provided us with a good opportunity to implement our ideas and that’s how the idea of launching Raimon as a creativity boutique first came to us.